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They are so much more than that. 


They are sacred documentation of our journeys into who we truly are at our most wild and untamed. They are our silent support when others often don’t see what we do. They are our reminders of how far we’ve come. 


So when you think “planner”, think “an inviolable record of your soul’s journey” because that’s literally what it is. 


It’s not about picking up Jack and Jane. It’s about showing up for them when they need you most. 

It’s not about paying the bills. It’s about taking the time to do something that might be hard to do…something that you may let slide until a (much too late) later time because you’re just not that into it right now. 


It’s not about cleaning the sink. It’s about reminding yourself that you (and your family and home!) deserve the warm hug that is a sparkly center of your kitchen and giving yourself permission to create that. 


Life has changed so much. 


And this point in our lives is huge because we are doing more and being more than ever. 


So if we want to step around our frustrations and sabotages, a planner that begs to be held and to be the witness to our transformations is a powerful motivation to keep going when the road feels too long. 


And I help people like you with that. 



Take back the time your business needs you to dedicate to it, with done-for-you Planner Priestessing. I’ll set up your world-domination planner that is brand- and Insta-worthy by sourcing the materials and ephemera myself…giving you back the time you need…plus way more than you thought you had. 



Goals will allude you no more…the tugging that you feel in your soul to create change is about to happen…even if you don’t know what goals to set yet. The Goal-Setting Priestess program will help you figure that out and decide on what planner will suit those new goals best so you can finally answer that call of the wild in you. 


I am the Planner Priestess. And sacred are the pages of your soul. Let me help you set your goals, source the right planner for them, and bedazzle it in ways that beg you to pay attention and stick to it. Because change? Often needs that external motivation. And I’m here to help you facilitate that. 


Click here to jump on a call to figure out which process will suit you best if you’re not sure and we’ll set you and your wild soul free on its journey. 


Talk soon, 

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