Most people would think I’m crazy! Currently, I’m employed full-time with a healthy career in public safety which offers full benefits and an amazing pension. But with companies, including the Government failing to retain people and pensions no longer being a sure thing anymore, I had to come up with a back-up plan.

Adventure as A New Entrepreneur

So recently I decided to pursue a part-time role an an entrepreneur, operating my own web/graphics/virtual assistant business Canyonlandz Designs.


Canyonlandz Business card

I could say I’m a complete novice to being an entrepreneur – especially graphic design but that is not entirely true. Back in 2000 I was operating a mediocre graphic design company designing business cards, newsletters, fliers and such for my working neighbors as well as our neighborhood watch community program, using an inexpensive program, PrintShop.

My business back in 2000 was called Wild Designs and had an African/Leopard theme/motif.

Wild Designs business card

Raised by Entrepreneurs

I was also fortunate enough to be raised by entrepreneurs. During my entire childhood my parents operated their own landscape/snowplow/cleaning business – D & M Maintenance. I also assisted in running their business, being an employee as needed. The only problem was work was sometimes sporadic and there were times when it was a struggle for my parents to feed us – their family. But nevertheless, I think watching them instilled in me an interest in entrepreneurship.

Options & Creative Outlet

Another factor for me pursuing my interest as an entrepreneur is to keep my options open. I don’t think anyone can ever be to prepared for the inevitable – lay offs, termination, etc. I think it would be rather foolish of me to place all of my plans for my future in one endeavor. And Canyonlandz Designs allows me to release my creativity and make money doing it.

If you are operating your own business or looking to start one I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Connecting with other entrepreneurs is often very helpful and therapeutic.

5 comments on “Why an Entrepreneur?”

  1. Congratulations on starting up your design business. I’ve owned my current business since 2002 and love it.

  2. I too started off as a happily employed in Emergency Services (for 8 years actually) and slowly built my business (also design/VA work) while working full time. I now work at home for myself and take care of my little ones, it was so worth the struggles in the beginning.

    Congrats on stepping up and good luck with your business! As you know already from watching your parents it’s not always easy but it is ALWAYS worth it. 🙂

  3. Wow, Melissa – you and I had very similar paths…so cool. I plan to continue my career in public safety until my retirement and hopefully by then my “side” business will be “fully operational.”
    It has helped watching my parents be entrepreneurs and maybe one day my own kids will be entrepreneurs because of me 🙂

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