Family photo at Utah State Fair 2013

I love the Utah State Fair! It has an amazing and unique ambiance which I just love to soak up. 
Going to the Utah State Fair every September has become a family tradition. I especially enjoy it since I have always longed to move from the suburbs to the country and live on a ranch or farm. Except, I married Alpha Male, who was raised on a dairy farm as a boy and detests farm life. Needless to say, my dreams of living on a ranch or farm have gone unmet.

So every year, I look forward to the local state fair. And this year was no different!

Stef and Jackie at the Utah State Fair 2013

On Saturday September 7, 2013, my Dad, my two younger sisters, Stef and Jackie, my oldest son, Alpha Male Jr. and my youngest son, Wolf Pup and I went to the Utah State Fair. This year it rained pretty heavily for about the first hour while we were at the Fair.

We spent the first part huddled under some awnings – dining on our Fair food. 
Dad, Jackie and Stef had Panda Express, Alpha Male Jr. had a fruit smoothie and cinnamon rolls – strange combo and Wolf Pup and I shared a soft pretzel and soda.


Dad & Wolf Pup at the Utah State Fair 2013

After dining, we headed straight for the animals. Our first stop was the chickens, pigeons and rabbits – which were all occupying the same area. Dad had a great time looking at the chickens and rabbits – since he has his own mini-farm at home, consisting of 20 something chickens and a dozen or so rabbits.

Utah State Fair animals

After the chickens and rabbits we moseyed our way through the sheep, goats and cattle. Dad – being the extreme extrovert he is stopped and talked to a couple of the goat breeders.

After checking out the farm animals Stef, Jackie and Alpha Male Jr. wanted to ride some of the Utah State Fair rides. Since neither Dad nor I can really tolerate rides and Wolf Pup is too small for rides we leisurely strolled through the Fair, checking out the individual vendors. I was on the hunt for a glow stick and Dad was looking for some new gardening gloves.I was disappointed, all we could locate were “glowing” swords – more appropriate for children.

Later, we met up with Stef, Jackie and Alpha Male Jr. and continued walking around, checking out the Utah State Fair vendors. At last we found a vendor which had glow sticks on a cord to hang around your neck. So I purchased one and a “glowing” sword for Wolf Pup.

Utah State Fair – Dad, Alpha Male Jr, Wolf Pup & Jackie sword fight

Alpha Male Jr and Jackie bought double-sided glow swords. Dad took Jackie’s and had a sword match with Alpha Male Jr.

After we had gotten all of our stuff, Dad decided he wanted a beanie so we stopped at some vendors which were selling baseball caps. Unfortunately, they did not have any beanies. But I did find a plush fleece “husky” hat which Stef loaned me the money for. We also shopped for a black hoodie Stef had seen.

After nearly five hours at the Utah State Fair, still semi-rain soaked we left. The fair will always be a way for me to connect with my dreams of owning a farm or ranch…until I can convince Alpha Male to get one of our own. 
Can’t wait until the Utah State Fair next September!

I’d love to hear from you about your favorite family traditions. Add them to the comments below!

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