I am unorganized!

I am not the most organized person. I manage to live fairly well with heaps of clutter.

I am unorganized and cluttered, something I was made acutely aware of recently. I have always known I wasn’t the most organized person but typically I chalked it up to one of my quirky personality traits. But all of that changed….

Assembling outfits

In August I had an scheduled photo shoot with photographer Missy Allen. In preparation for the photo shoot, I began assembling outfits:

  • black halter and black knit sweater. Check
  • orange “burnout” vest and brown tee.Check
  • purple “burnout” tee and purple halter. (Crickets chirping.)

T-Shirt: Missing in Action

Normally, I keep my purple t-shirt in the third drawer of my dresser. I looked in this drawer, no t-shirt! I racked my brain, trying to remember the last time I had worn my purple t-shirt. Nothing! I could not remember. I began a manic search of the entire house. Every spare minute, for nearly two days, I rummaged through nearly every drawer in the house, every pile of clothes in my closet (clean and dirty), and every pile of laundry. Still, no t-shirt!
I began to panic that I had donated my favorite purple top to charity!

Deductive reasoning

I recalled my purple t-shirt had been on the top of a heap of clothes in my dresser which was piled so high it was nearly overflowing. I figured that my t-shirt had gotten stuck to the bottom of the drawer above it and ultimately fallen down inside of the dresser.
Sure enough, when I pulled the bottom drawer out I could see my purple t-shirt lying on the bottom, inside of the dresser. I removed the bottom dresser drawer and collected my t-shirt.

Plans to organize

I was relieved but frustrated! I took a hard look at my dresser and closet and concluded I have too many clothes….My lack of organization and the level of clutter is overwhelming and causing me anxiety. I definitely need a plan of attack.

In the comments below share a time you misplaced something and ended up searching for it.


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