The boys play with the dog in the autumn leaves

I love Autumn!

I always have.

Summer is too hot for me and winter too cold. But autumn is the perfect temperature.

This a list of 5 of my favorite thing about autumn:

1. Holidays: Autumn offers plenty of holidays (including family birthdays for us) which means spending time with loved ones.

2. Leaves Change Color: The color change of the leaves is absolutely beautiful. It’s hard to beat this time of year for pictures, especially family pictures.

3. Halloween: The one day a year when you can dress up as anyone you want. Plus, you get to knock on other people’s doors for free candy.

4. Getting Cozy: It’s the atmosphere of getting cozy. It means cozy cardigans. Wrapping up in blankets while watching TV. Just comfortable.

5. Pumpkin spiced “everything”: It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without smellingĀ pumpkin in something.

What do you love about autumn? Share in the comments below.

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