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I’m Canyon…or Alpha Female – I am a Mormon and recently divorced momma to three sons. I hold an ¬†Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice.¬† I am a part-time entrepreneur coaching women on personal development and productivity through using their day planners, here at Canyonheart. I am an avid reader, technology junkie and a novice photographer. My passions are my family, my dogs (Alaskan Malamutes) – see Canyon Trailz Alaskan Malamutes for more on my Malamutes, road trips: especially to wide-open country and National Parks and recently, the simple living movement. I also have an intense love for planners and stationery to help keep me organized.



Alpha Male Jr profile at Wheeler Farm


Alpha Male Jr. –

Alpha Male Jr. recently spent two semesters attending the local university, where he was studying Political Science. He has an interest in becoming either a lawyer or a politician and with his quick wit and amazing reading skills, he would do well in either occupation.
In his spare time, Alpha Male Jr., enjoys reading, writing and making YouTube videos for his friends.
Besides his extracurricular activities and studying Political Science, Alpha Male Jr. has a desire to become a published author. He is constantly writing stories, some of which have been published on Reddit.
Alpha Male Jr. recently got a job working at a nearby movie theater and is enjoying his work and earning his own money.

Western Wolf profile at Wheeler Farm

Western Wolf –

Western Wolf just graduated from the local high school. He is spending the summer working with his grandparents, helping to run their landscaping and sprinkler repair business.
Western Wolf has stated that he has an interest in attending a trade school, perhaps becoming an electrician.
When he’s not working with his grandparents, Western Wolf can be found playing video games online with his friends. He enjoys making new friends online and is a very popular gamer.




Wolf Pup profile collage
Wolf Pup –

Wolf Pup will be starting the third grade this year. He’s a very outgoing kid, who makes friends very easily. Wolf Pup constantly gets amazing reviews from his teachers who state that he is such a joy to have in their classrooms. He’s also very intelligent and frequently says he wants to be a scientist!
Wolf Pup is into Pokemon, Legos and an assortment of other games and toys.
We are so lucky to have Wolf Pup as part of our pack.