Scheduled Plans

Earlier in 2013, at the end of July in my post Developing Good Habits I produced a monthly breakdown of key areas I was going to focus on each month from August to December. My hopes were to achieve a lot of individual goals by hitting those key areas hard for a solid month.

The breakdown looked like this:

  • August: Cleaning – create, implement and maintain a simple, less stressful and easy to maintain cleaning schedule
  • September: Finances & Budgeting – create a budget, set short-term and long-term financial goals and document every penny spent
  • October: Blogging – create a minimum of 10 quality posts and follow a 30-Day blogging challenge
  • November: Health & Fitness – Increase my physical fitness, decrease my bad eating habits (ex. eliminate soda, cut back on fast food) and work up to a 3 mile jog/walk at 05:00 every morning
  • December: Building my business – taking classes and attending training and seminars related to my business

So on July 27, 2013 I had my plan broken down and ready to implement. But let me fast forward to today, October 11, 2013. Here is an update on how the above scheduled plans and breakdown went and what took place.

Creative Courage Campaign & Girls Guide Classes

In June I met an amazing entrepreneur, Amanda Aitken and took part in her FREE, five day course, the Creative Courage Workshop. In my post Creative Courage Campaign I express the vitality of this workshop. The Creative Courage Campaign is still available and something I highly recommend for anyone interested in getting a project, movement or business out into the world.

At the end of June, Amanda opened enrollment for her latest online class, the Girls Guide to Graphic Design. I promised myself if the price was within my range I would enroll but if it was too high I wouldn’t enroll. I was a little sticker shocked when Amanda announced the price of the class. But I recognized the value in the class (and how badly I wanted to learn what she was teaching) and leveraged some money from my retirement account.

The official Girls Guide to Graphic Design started in the first of July and I got started right away. I also went ahead and signed up for Amanda’s Girls Guide to Web Design as the two classes compliment each other.

Placing Our Plans Before God

So why do I mention this – in my opinion it seems regardless of what our own plans for our lives are God occasionally takes over. Essentially, I believe I gave God an outline of the areas in my life where I wanted improvement and he made it work, just not according to my timetable.

Basically, my scheduled plan for December: Building my business – taking classes and attending training and seminars related to my business, was rescheduled for earlier in the year (not by my plans) to July, August and September where I worked hard and diligently to follow the Girls Guide to Graphic Design course, which I’m still actively a student. But I was able to create my business name, Canyonlandz, my logo and in essence get the basis of my business off the ground.

Of course, this month my plans were to go forward with my blogging. I knew I wanted to join a blogging challange, which I did by joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge. So far this has proven to be an amazing challenge and I am immensely enjoying writing a blog post every day. It is not only fun but quite a learning experience.

If you have ever created scheduled plans for your life and had those plans scrambled please share in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.


6 comments on “Scheduled Plans”

  1. Isn’t it great when you receive a miracle? When you let out and let God work it out? You have had a highly productive few months and I commend you! Congrats on being proactive and all the good you’re doing. These challenges/workshops/classes all seem super duper cool and I think I’m going to do a little surfing.
    You seem to be rocking and rolling so cheers to completing the rest of your goals for 2013!

    • Thanks Tamala! It is pretty amazing when God takes over and yes He has helped me to be very productive the past few months.
      I hope you do look into workshops/classes, you may find them uber-exciting and beneficial 🙂
      I am looking forward to 2014 and all the goals I hope to accomplish next year.

  2. My plans always seem to get scrambled as unexpected opportunities arise. It’s great to see you’re moving forward so industriously, Sherida. It’s nice to meet a fellow UBC participant.

    • I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with “scrambled” plans! At least sometimes those plans are scrambled to send us down a better path. Hope your are enjoying UBC!

  3. What a great post. I tell you, my life is one big detour after another, so I can totally relate. You’re so right, we can make all the plans we want, but when God gives us our marching orders we’d be foolish not to make the necessary adjustments. I’ve been guilty of delaying the things that would propel me forward by filling my life up with things that made me feel busy. I’m so glad you moved the time frame up for doing great things with your business. I wish you continued success.

    • Thank you Stacey. I absolutely LOVED your comment. Such truth radiating from your spirit. I really am super happy God pointed me in this direction, even though it was different than where I had initially wanted to go. I think soon I will have a very explosive business.

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