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Are you trying to simplify your life? Maybe you are just cleaning and getting rid of some clutter. Have you come across a particular item that regardless of its practical use you can’t seem to part with?

I am in the process of slowly reducing the excess clutter and possessions in my life. I am sorting through everything and labeling it either “sell”, “donate” or “trash”. I am trying to simplify my life which in a major way means reducing my personal possessions.

But I am finding with certain items in particular that I am having difficulty letting go. For one reason or another I feel a desperate need to hold onto them. And I know good and well I no longer have any actual use for them any longer.

The first instance is my roller blades. About five or six years ago my husband bought me a really nice pair of K2 women’s roller blades because I asked for them. Since that time I have put my roller blades on maybe two or three times.

It isn’t really about the roller blades themselves but about what they represent to me. When I was in my teens and twenty’s I went roller blading all the time. My closest friends and I even had a special night out roller blading around a local college campus and one of my husband and I’s first dates was roller blading along the local river walk.

I’m afraid to give those roller blades away. It means finally acknowledging I have moved on from that time. Although the realistic part of me knows if I tried to roller blade today I’d probably really injure myself.

My second example are some clothes I have had since when we first got married (almost fifteen years ago). No matter how much I’ve tried to give them away I just can’t let myself let go of a black pair of cargo pants and a black sweater. Even though I haven’t worn those clothes in over a decade and regardless that there is no way I could squeeze into those clothes I can’t get rid of them. So something inside me hangs onto them in case “someday” they do magically fit.

I know how unrealistic and illogical both of these attachments are I just can’t seem to let myself part with them.

Maybe someday I will but for now they will stay.

If you have an item you can’t imagine parting with I’d love it if you would share in the comments below.

3 comments on “Reducing Clutter: Are You Having Difficulty Letting Go?”

  1. I’ve been working on de-cluttering lately as well. I’m having a hard time parting with my own roller blades (haven’t worn them in about 13 years, and we live on a gravel road with a gravel driveway – not sure when/if I will wear them again, maybe I’m saving them for my kids??). I’m also having a hard time getting rid of scrapbooking and teaching paraphernelia…

  2. Thanks for sharing Sarah. It’s funny the things we hold onto. Sometime they have logical meaning and sometimes they don’t.

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