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The best definition I’ve ever read of procrastination is:

“[procrastination] is…a failure to think about thinking.”

McRaney, David “Procrastination” YouAreNotSoSmart, October 27, 2010

I’m suffering from a severe case of procrastination. Today I wanted I was supposed to write my blog post “What Simple Living Means to Me”. But the more I tried to write it the more ways to procrastinate came about.

First, it started off easily enough with just checking my email and Facebook pages. But as the day wore on it got progressively worse. I was torn between going to the office supply store for more hanging folders – you know, so I can continue to keep my paperwork organized, a major issue hurdle for those of us fresh on the path to a life of Simple Living.

Or my other procrastination project was to start typing out the novel I wrote twenty something years ago – which is in two notebooks, carelessly shoved in my filing cabinet.

“In the moment, rearranging the folders on your computer seems a lot more rewarding that some task due next month which might cost you your job or your diploma, so you wait until the night before. If you considered which would be more valuable in a month – continuing to get your paycheck or having an immaculate desktop – you would pick the greater reward.” McRaney, David “Procrastination” YouAreNotSoSmart, October 27, 2010


Destination Procrastination

The more I weighed my options the more the term “Destination Procrastination” kept repeating in my head. See “Destination Procrastination” is a term I first heard from my favorite mentor, Chalene Johnson.

“It’s a place you go or the tasks you resort to in order to distract yourself from what you really need to be doing.” Johnson, Chalene “Procrastination Kills Dreams. Take Action NOW! Part I”. Chalenejohnson, July 30, 2013,

I was guilty of procrastination. I was delaying writing the blog post I really need to. Although, technically the other projects needed to be taken care of – just not immediately. They just weren’t as pressing as my much needed blog post.

Ultimately, procrastination won out. Share with me the ways that you procrastinate in the comments below. I look forward to hearing about them.

4 comments on “Procrastination”

  1. When I When I procrastinate it seems that I will do so many different tasks other than what I am supposed to do. They are time eaters, like reading email. I have started a new system where I put my to do list as an actually timed slot on my calendar. This has really helped me with procrastination and using my time ineffectively.

    • I like that idea. May have to look into implementing something on my calendar and computer which keeps me from procrastinating. Thanks Joanne.

  2. I could totally relate to your post! And for me, it’s just as you say, I find myself doing things that certainly ought to be done sometime but which are actually keeping me from doing the thing that needs to be done right now.

    • It’s a real pain isn’t it…there are things that need to be done but then there are the things at the top of the list that really must be done. I just need to figure out a way to get those “top of the list” items done FIRST.

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