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Early last week I had the opportunity to interview my good friend, Cori Large from TalesFromAPolkCountyGirl on her planning habits. These are the interview questions I asked her, with her answers below.
I hope you enjoy this!
Purple Flex Binder with Leaf background
Flex Binder

1. How did you get started planning?

In school, I always had an assignment book where I wrote down homework assignments. In regards to formal planning, I think that started in college when I was balancing commuting to school, a part time job, assignments, study time, family time, personal time, and a boyfriend. When I was commuting, I used one of those salon / hair stylist appointment books that was broken down by the quarter hour. I had to get that specific with time and various colors of highlighter.
Open Flex Binder
Open Flex Binder

2. What are you currently planning in?

I’m currently in a Mead Flex binder that I cut down to hold half-size paper and 8.5″ x 5.5″ planner inserts. I have many YouTube videos on my channel where I share how I have this planner set up.
Flex Binder
Flex Binder with plaid background

3. How do you stay organized in your planner?

I have different dividers to separate my binder into specific sections. The calendar and planning pages are in one section, with lots of note paper. I also have my shopping lists and coupons in there.

4. What do you use your planner for?

What don’t I use it for? Haha! It is mainly my calendar and daily planner, as well as a refillable notebook, categorized to do lists, and my coupon binder.

5. What sections do you have in your planner?

Starting from the front: pocket dividers to stuff paper in; dashboard for sticky notes; shopping list; calendar and planner; notes section with lots of paper; knitting podcast notes; categorized to do lists (A-Z); [empty section, formerly writing section, which has been moved to another binder]; and my coupon sheets with freezer and pantry notes.
Flex Binder side view
Flex Binder side view

6. Any planner styles/set ups you prefer over others?

Over the last 3 years of being involved in the Planner Addict world, I have tried multiple planning systems. Various sizes and styles of ring binders, traveler’s notebooks, and Bullet Journaling.
I prefer rings over strings and a bound book, because I love and NEED to be able to move papers around and remove them when I don’t need them anymore.
The only system I haven’t officially tried is the disc or arc systems, but I have no desire to try them. They don’t appeal to me at all.


7. What advice would you give someone just starting out in planners?

Start simple. If you need a dated planner to keep track of time sensitive appointments, grab a cheap planner from Wal-Mart or off Amazon and just get started. Don’t overthink it. Your planner doesn’t have to be Instagram perfect from day one.
You could have the prettiest planner in the world, but if it’s not helping you stay on top of things, it’s not working.
Jennifer Harvey, of Chic Sparrow, has a wonderful video of figuring out planner peace. You can view it here.
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Cori Large is a blogger, YouTuber, writer, knitter, and librarian. Writing is her passion, she hopes to one day publish a book, and thus achieve a childhood dream. When not writing blog posts, filming YouTube videos, writing fiction, or knitting, she is taming research dragons as a librarian. She can be reached at her blog, YouTube Channel, Knitting Podcast, and Facebook Page.

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