This afternoon my quirky notebook obsession got the best of me! I enjoy writing! I write to record memories and straighten out my thoughts (journaling). I write lists of things to-do. I write snippets I read in books, magazines or online (so I don’t have to look for them again later) and I even write just for the joy and pleasure of writing.
About a year ago I began journaling rather consistently. I tried various formats and products with which to journal. Eventually, I started using a gently used, foil-embossed University of Utah logo spiral notebook. (Yes, I went there for college.) I grew rather attached to that notebook.

All Used Up

Four days ago I used up the last stitch of paper from that gently used spiral notebook. I removed all the pages from that notebook and placed them in a 3 ring binder. (I do it so I can add more journal entries over time.) And then I tossed the container (front cover, 2 manila pockets, back cover and spiral rings) in the trash.
That day, my oldest son, Writer Jr. and I went office supply shopping (maybe “hopping” is a better term) searching for a new notebook to replace my old one. I was unable to find one I liked (read: one identical to the one I’d been using.) So I went home without a replacement notebook.

* I don’t know about you but when I like a product I’m rather picky about replacing it. I tend to want an identical item.

To Find the Brand

I was desperate! I had to know the brand of my original notebook, otherwise how could I locate an identical one? (Do you see where I’m going with this?) And since I had thrown away the back cover, which listed the notebook brand, I had to dig through the kitchen trash to find what was left of the notebook.(Ugh!) 
I found the cover (plastered in pink cupcake frosting) and learned that MY notebook was made by Roaring Spring Paper Products.
(*Roaring Spring Paper Products makes collegiate notebooks)

Mission Accomplished

This afternoon I made a last minute trip to the local community college bookstore and found an identical notebook – or rather a whole plethora of identical notebooks. So I purchased 3 two-subject Roaring Spring notebooks. I bought extras figuring I didn’t want to repeat the above scenario.

That is my quirky notebook obsession. If you enjoyed this post comment below – or better yet share one of your own quirks with me.

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