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Hi! And welcome to Canyon Howls. I’m Canyon, momma to three sons, a Christian, full-time public safety employee, a part-time entrepreneur running my own web and graphic design business, Canyonlandz and an avid Alaskan malamute lover…you can read more about me on The Pack page.

Canyon Howls is my virtual home for discussing domestic topics which I will refer to in terms of “pack” living. For instance “housekeeping” and “organization” will be filed under “den”, etc. You can read more about the ideology behind Canyon Howls here (coming soon).

My original intent for Canyon Howls was for it to be a simple mommy blog. But God had other plans for Canyon Howls!

All along I had know I wanted to talk about budgeting and finances – not because I am an expert in the area but because I needed some accountability in those areas.

The more I researched and read other mommy blogs I realized it was not what I wanted out of Canyon Howls. I needed more! Then earlier in the week I happened upon another blog and realized the direction I needed to take Canyon Howls. I wanted Canyon Howls to be about my packs’ journey into a life of voluntary simplicity simple living.

My reasoning for following voluntary simplicity was two-fold:
1. Early on in our marriage, I had been investigating voluntary simplicity – I read many books on voluntary simplicity, including Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich by Duane Elgin and I was thoroughly impressed with the lifestyles people who followed the voluntary simplicity movement lived. Primarily, they were not obsessed with amassing lots of material possessions.
2. In our current state, as a family, we were nearly as far from voluntary simplicity as anyone can be. I would even classify us as “over-consumers.” I feel voluntary simplicity is more in line with my integrity and the direction I want Canyon Howls and thus my family to go.

The extraordinary thing about the voluntary simplicity movement is it is very personal. There is not one specific way to achieve the results of voluntary simplicity.

I hope you enjoy Canyon Howls and find it useful! If you do be sure to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

6 comments on “Introduction: Canyon Howls”

  1. Best of luck with the blog! I’m a new mom myself (and a long-time blogger). I agree that living as simply as possible is an admirable goal – the riches of life are through our family and friend connections and the memories that bind us, not through the things we collect over time. Happy UBC blogging!

    • Thanks Melissa! I’m more of a veteran mom (with a 12 & 13 year old) and a newbie to blogging. I am really excited about the direction Canyon Howls has decided to go! And can’t wait to share more about my progress to simplicity here 🙂

    • Appreciate your comment Paul! I really feel good about the direction Canyon Howls is progressing. I am so thrilled to be sharing my path towards ‘voluntary simplicity’ with everyone 🙂

  2. Thanks Alana! I appreciate your comments – I really like my logo & am pretty pleased with the “Instinctual Living” tagline as well 🙂
    I did not realize there was not a way for people to follow my blog – I will make sure to remedy that right away. I hope I get some followers because I really believe strongly in my message.

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