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Growing Up During the Franklin Covey (Franklin Quest) Boom

I started with my first planner when I was in my teens. I grew up right around the time that Franklin Covey, back then Franklin Quest, was booming!
There were a myriad of stores in my hometown, which also happens to be the home base of Franklin Covey.
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I grew up shopping in the Franklin Covey stores in the mall.
It was usually just to browse the Franklin Covey line, as back then they were too pricey for my teen budget.
My first planner was a cheap knock off.

But for a number of years I fell out of the habit of planning and carrying a planner with me.
That is until a few years ago!

Back in the Planner Habit!

About a year ago, I did a YouTube video on the evolution of my planners. You can watch that video here.
One of the planners I forgot to mention was my Franklin Covey pocket size planner that I used from 2004 to 2005.
Following that, I again went without using or carrying a planner until 2009.
That’s when I started working towards my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah. From 2009 to 2010, I used a black compact cow suede Franklin Covey; I used that planner until it’s eventual demise because my Alaskan Malamute Mythieus ate it.

The Wolves Engagement Calendars

From 2010 to 2014, I used various Wolves engagement calendars. They were simple, small spiral horizontal weekly planners that I used to write my assignments due.
After 2014, I was unable to find the Wolves engagement calendars, so I essentially gave up planning.

In 2014, I again fell into the planner habit and when I did, I had no problems with choosing the right size for me.
Although there were multiple size possibilities from A5, personal and even down to compact…I decided to go with the largest planner on the market.

The “Big Kahuna!”

I purchased a brown DayTimer Folio size day planner.
I called this the “Big Kahuna!” Basically, a Folio size fits a full sheet of letter size paper, 8.5″ by 11″. This is very similar to a traditional three ring binder but is set up with many interior pockets and mine had a zipper to keep all my documents secure.
My reasoning behind this size was simple, I could keep all my important documents and not have to shrink anything or cut down any papers.
I set up my Folio with the following sections: MO2P calendar, WO2P calendar, Goals, Projects, Inspiration, Blog and Novel.

I loved this size, but it became extremely hard to carry, especially going out and about.
The only bag large enough to accommodate my Folio planner were laptop style messenger bags.

The First Downsize

Eventually, I decided to downsize and although most planner people would have chosen a personal or pocket size, I chose an A5 or Desk size DayTimer in aviator brown. I found this planner at Staples.
I set up my Desk size, even creating my own dividers and remained in this particular size and style until 2015, when I discovered the traveler’s notebook world.

Traveler’s Notebook

In the spring of 2015, I was introduced to the traveler’s notebook. My obsession with traveler’s notebooks or TN’s started out innocent enough. I bought my first TN from Zinnia Chew, the owner of Simple Heart. At the time she only carried standard size TN’s (which are 8.25″ tall by 4.88″ wide. I checked out her offerings and purchased my Zinnydori.
After the Zinnydori, as I became more obsessed with TN’s, I decided to up size slightly. I quickly picked the largest size TN on the market, which was an extra wide, 8.25″ tall by 5″ wide, since it was only a smidgen smaller than the A5 DayTimer. I was in an extra wide for over a year and was very fond of it.

The Very Popular B6 Traveler’s Notebook

Then, near the end of 2016, my friend Cori kept saying how fond she was of the B6 size.
So in December 2016, I purchased a B6 rustic kodiak, see YouTube video here, from Speckled Fawns.
I decided to try out the B6 as a back up to my main planner, as I had already been carrying a personal Chic Sparrow as my back up planner.
Eventually, it got to the point where I was so comfortable planning in my B6 that I have completely downsized to only my B6!

My Calendar System

Transitioning from size to size has always been relatively easy for me since my calendar system never changes. What I mean by this is I tend to use five inserts or sections regardless of what style of planner I’m using. I always have a monthly calendar, for forward planning, a weekly calendar, an expenses insert for recording my spending, a dot grid insert for notes and a blank insert for inspiration.

Planner Peace?

I hope it’s not too early to say that I think I’ve found planner peace in my B6!

Now, I’d like to hear from you. What is your favorite size planner?
Share with me in the comments below.

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