Happy Mail Monday
Happy Mail Monday #5

Happy Mail Monday, y’all! Welcome to the fifth edition of Happy Mail Monday for June 7, 2015 through July 4, 2015. This particular Happy Mail Monday is going to cover some of the happy mail that I’ve received the past month and haven’t had a chance to post about yet.

I will be breaking down everything I’ve received over the past month into smaller, more manageable posts – since I have over twenty items that I have received which I have ordered for myself.

Let me apologize in advance for my unexpected and temporary hiatus. Some hardware on my laptop stopped working and after two visits and sometime in the shop I simply upgraded to a newer laptop. Now, I could have continued to write these posts for you all but it would have been simply text based posts with out images because my Photoshop was on my laptop. And to me a blog post without images is like salad without lettuce, a complete no go!

Now, I have a new computer and I’m up and running so let’s dive in.

The first package I received was a fabulous R.A.K./swap on June 23, 2015 from my planner buddy and surrogate sister, Kimberly. As ususual, she went above and beyond in her gifts to me. The contents of this package are as follows:

  • a coloring book entitlted Posh Coloring Book: Pretty Designs for Fun & Relaxation.
  • a three pack of magnetic bookmarks with a patriotic theme
  • some adorable speech bubble sticky notes
  • a fox paper punch
  • two packs of the fox/deer themed page flags from Target
  • three patriotic theme washi tape- owls, banners and stars
  • a box of cute sticky notes and page flags with cute sayings
  • some stickers

My next package was a gold Hi-Tec Coleto Lumio barrel and the refills for the Coleto which I ordered and received from Amazon.

My addiction for multipens has expanded recently, so I also ordered a UniPen from JetPens. It is a black and white polka dot body and I ordered mainly different black inks for it.

My final and last Happy Mail came from Forever 21. I ordered these online instead of going into the store and purchasing. They are macaroon shaped lip balms in a variety of colors. Because I like desserts so much I ordered some of the lip balms for myself as well as for my planner buddy Kimberly. The lip balms for Kimberly will be going out in the next package I send to her.

That concludes my Happy Mail for now. I’ve gotten quite a few other items but I will be saving those for next week so I have more to share with you.

I hope you have a fabulous day and that you received some of your own Happy Mail!

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