Welcome to the fourth edition of Happy Mail Monday for the week of June 7, 2015 to June 13, 2015. Sometimes it’s not about the quantity of the happy mail but rather the quality!

The first piece of happy mail that arrived is actually a fauxdori that I received last week. It is my third Chic Sparrow notebook in the Maverick leather. I absolutely loved the Maverick once it arrived last week but I immediately regretted not having anything stamped into the leather. So I quickly made the decision, contacted Chic Sparrow and mailed my Maverick back to have my last name, “Holgate” stamped into the notebook.

When it arrived I was delighted to see how well the stamping made my notebook look.

My next happy mail this week were some typewriter stickers from My Queen Bee Designs on Etsy. A page of the stickers have “blog post” written on them to help me keep track of my blog posting in my fauxdori. The next page is blank so I can write novel, journal writing or whatever I happen to be working on. The stickers are cute and come in an array of different colors.

My final piece of happy mail for the week was my rose gold Malibu DayTimer. I fell in love with the color of the rose gold Malibu when I saw a picture of it posted on a Facebook group I’m in. The color of the DayTimer is beautiful, it’s like a bright shiny penny. I was delighted that it arrived as quickly as it did, since it was supposed to arrive about five days later than it did. But I was delighted nevertheless. I immediately set about getting items to decorate it with and I will share a blog post in the near future about my first ringed planner since switching to the fauxdori’s.

Just to be clear, the rose gold Malibu will not be replacing any of my currently used fauxdori’s. Instead, it will be a supplemental planner that I use to keep track of my various businesses and everything that goes with each of them.

I’m enjoying sharing these little snippets of my happy mail with y’all. Share a description of your happy mail with me in the comments below.

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