Welcome to the second edition of Happy Mail Monday, for the week of May 24, 2015 to May 30, 2015.  I’m going to share with you a quick overview of the “happy mail” I’ve been sent over the past week. This week I got some fun new stationery items and a couple of charms. Let’s take a look.

FoxyFix Swap

My first “happy mail” packaged arrived on Tuesday. It was a RAK from a Foxy Fix sister swap. I am in a Facebook Group called My Foxy Fix, because I own two FoxyFix notebooks. In this group they decided to do a R.A.K./swap among any of the members who were interested in participating.

I informed the admins I was interested in taking part and shortly thereafter I received the name and address of another member. The instructions were to put together a R.A.K. with items that they could use in their FoxyFix notebooks. I put together a package and mailed it off to the individual who’s name I had been given.

My packaged arrived on Tuesday and I was blown away by the items which were included and how thoughtfully put together it was. There was a fauxdori dashboard, a fauxdori Yellowpaperhouse insert, a large selection of stickers, a book mark with sea “themed” charms, three rubber bands in colors that matched the dashboard, two binder clips, a charm which said “Just For Fun”, some page flags and page markers.

My Foxy Fix sister had even browsed through my Instagram feed to get an idea of what to include in my package. Everything was perfect!

Amazon and Paper House Productions

On Wednesday I received two orders. One from Amazon and the other from Paper House productions. My Amazon order was a new Pilot Coleto pen and a package of colorful refills that fit in the Coleto barrel. For those of you who are not familiar with the Coleto pen it is an empty pen barrel which fits four or five ink refills. This makes it a multipen with a selection of colored inks…I will be doing a review of the Pilot Hi Tech Coleto soon.

My second “happy mail” was an order I had placed with Paper House Productions. A few weeks ago, while searching for scrapbook paper to decorate the inserts in my new Chic Sparrow I found some paper at a local scrapbook store. The paper was titled “Utah Parks Collage” and had some beautiful images, one being of Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. I bought what was left of the stock at the scrapbook store but I wanted more and the owner of the scrapbook store had told me they wouldn’t be ordering any more. So I looked online and found the distributor. They had some of this particular paper in stock. I ordered 20 sheets of this paper but received an email a few days later. They said they only had 14 sheets left. I sent a reply and asked them to sell me what was left since this paper was being discontinued. Lucky me!

Pens and Charms, Oh My!

On Thursday, I received two more packages. The first was a box of my favorite pens, Pilot EasyTouch in medium, which I can only find online through Amazon.

The second package was a couple of charms I ordered off of Etsy. The charms are of a deer and a moose. These charms, in particular, were supposed to go on my newest Chic Sparrow. But I was shocked by how small the charms were.

Stationery – Some to Keep, Some to Giveaway

My last package for this week arrived on Saturday and it was a large box from my Facebook friend Koty. Koty sent me a large package.  Inside were a selection of yummy treats from Japan, a package of stationery goodies for me to use – which included a couple pens and a few deco tapes, a package of stationery goodies to give away in our next R.A.K. on Planner Fanatics and a mini stationery kit for Wolf Pup to play with. She is so sweet and I’m excited to use the stationery which was specifically for me as well as mail off the extras she included for the R.A.K.

That sums up my “happy mail” for this week. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have an comments or suggestions on how to improve this series please let me know below.

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