Fauxdori Friday #5


Brand: Chic Sparrow
Model: All American
Material: Leather
Color: Spice
Size: Extra Wide
Details: Fits 8.25″x5″, often called cahier
Theme: Canyon/Arches
Name: Canyon


  • Soft, luxurious leather
  • deluxe edition has beautiful, white contrast stitching and luxurious pockets out of the same leather
  • Made in the USA


  • higher price point
  • stiffer leather where the pockets are sewn in

Welcome to Fauxdori Friday #5. Today I am delighted to introduce you to my extra wide Chic Sparrow All American in Spice. The leather of the All American is much firmer and smoother than the creme brulee which I introduced in my last Faudori Friday.

Although this notebook isn’t used as my primary planner I was able to find an excellent alternative use. This notebook handles my budget and also acts as an editorial calendar for my blog and YouTube posting. I keep on top of my personal budgeting with this notebook. I have an expense tracker from Yellowpaperhouse that helps me stay organized and updated in my fauxdori.

I also have monthly and weekly calendars which I use to record my blog and YouTube posting. Each blog gets documented on both my monthly and weekly calendar layouts. My blogs also have a color coding system depending on the blog post topic and each post has a small circle of a specific color based on the blog topic. I was even able to get a blog post insert made for me by Etsy seller Marsia Bramucci. The YouTube posting is still a work in progress.

The All American leather has since been discontinued. When it was available it came in three colors – a black plum, which also was called a cocoa brown because it was a dark brown with warm undertones, Spice which matched the Crayola crayon color chestnut and Maple Sugar which matched the Crayola crayon color burnt sienna. Initially, my interest in the All American was limited to the black plum. But as I perused the Chic Sparrow fans page I kept seeing images of the Spice.

Then I watched Carie Harling’s YouTube video Pint Size Planning. I viewed that video numerous times and finally realized why I was so drawn to the color spice. It reminded me of the orange canyons of Southern Utah that I so loved. So the decision was made and I ordered the Chic Sparrow All American in Spice.

While waiting for my Chic Sparrow All American in Spice to arrive I went through three versions of themes. First, after ordering my first Chic Sparrow in dark chocolate creme brulee I decided the next notebook was going to have a Safari theme. I even bought some page flags and magnetic page clips in a Safari theme.


Second, I came across a photo on another Facebook page of a member selling laminated glitter stag heads. So I thought deer, stags and moose would make an excellent theme in my All American.

Finally, my All American arrived and I went to a specialty scrapbook store so I could decorate my inserts ala the Reset Girls decorating instructions. At the scrapbook store I discovered some paper by PaperHouse Productions that was called Utah Parks. It was a collage of landmarks in the different parks in Southern Utah. As soon as I saw that particular scrapbook paper I knew the direction I wanted to go for decoration in my Chic Sparrow All American in Spice.

I also went online looking for things to embellish my All American with and found a charm of Delicate Arch from Arches National Park in Utah. I purchased the charm and attached it to the closure strap of my All American.

Once my inserts were decorated and placed in my All American I had Delicate Arch stickers made.


I am still searching for other planner embellishments to add to my All American so if you come across some or make some yourself please contact me.

So that basically sums up a look into my Chic Sparrow All American in spice and the almost themes.



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  1. Beautiful!!! I love seeing your TNs! I’ll keep an eye out for Utah embellishments down here. I think I saw some at Joann’s!

    • Thanks for commenting! If you do find some Utah embellishments please let me know. I’d be forever grateful!

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