Chic Sparrow dark chocolate creme brulee
Chic Sparrow dark chocolate creme brulee fauxdori

Brand: Chic Sparrow (JenDori)
Model: Creme Brulee
Material: Leather
Color: Dark Chocolate
Size: Extra wide
Details: Fits either 8.25″x 5″ or 8.5″ x 5.5″ inserts, often called cahier.
Theme: Country/Farm theme


  • soft, luxurious leather
  • deluxe edition has beautiful white contrast stitching and luxurious pockets out of the same leather.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • higher price point
  • stiffer leather where the pockets are sewn in.

Today’s edition of Fauxdori Friday is my extremely beautiful extra wide dark chocolate creme brulee Chic Sparrow.

This is truly one of my favorite leather notebooks. This fauxdori is gorgeous! The contrast stitching and pockets, available in the deluxe edition are worth the money and elevate the prestige of this fauxdori. The leather is extremely soft and luxurious and begs for constant petting.

I became interested in the creme brulee dark chocolate after watching a Robyn Lott YouTube video where she mentions that the Buteo Bunker is the same leather as the Chic Sparrow leather.

I had a large Buteo Bunker but was extremely attracted to the idea of having the white contrast stitching on the leather. I checked the Chic Sparrow site but they were going through upgrades and no longer offering the contrast stitching. So I gave up the idea of ever having a notebook with contrast stitching, let alone one of the exotic Chic Sparrow’s.

That was until about six weeks ago. I checked the Chic Sparrow site and they just happened to have an extra wide in the dark chocolate creme brulee. So I went ahead and placed my order. My notebook was created and mailed extremely quickly.

I had no problem setting up this fauxdori. I had determined before its arrival that the inserts from my brown wanderlust FoxyDori were going to be moved into this notebook and my wanderlust would store all my extra, new and used inserts.

Once in my possession, I moved everything in my wanderlust over to my dark chocolate. Essentially, through default, my dark chocolate is set up with a country theme and farm animals. Inside my dark chocolate fauxdori I have six inserts, two dashboards, a kraft folder and a 12 pocket credit card holder for storing my on-the-go decorating necessities.

That is a brief summary of my dark chocolate Chic Sparrow and I thoroughly enjoy this fauxdori.

I welcome any comments or questions about any of my fauxdori’s or this one in particular.

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