Foxy Fix Cherry Chocolate
Foxy Fix Cherry Chocolate

Brand: FoxyDori now known as the FoxyFix
Model: Cherry Chocolate
Material: Leather
Color: Cherry Chocolate – brown
Size: Extra wide
Details: Fits either 8.25″x 5″ or 8.5″ x 5.5″ inserts, often called cahier.
Theme: Dessert

Pros: A lot of options, which makes it extremely customizable. Made and sold in the United States.

Cons: The colored leather is stiffer and thinner than I preferred.

Last week I showed you my Orange ZinnyDori and the fox theme I had set up inside it. This week I’m sharing my Cherry Chocolate FoxyFix and it’s theme.

While I was awaiting the arrival of my neon orange fauxdori I came a across a YouTube video Midori 101: The Ultimate How-to for the Midori Traveler’s Notebook feat. FoxyFix and JenDori by Cori @TheResetGirl. Cori shows her collection of “dori’s” and explains sizes, the accessories, the inserts she prefers and how to assemble the fauxdori.

After viewing this video I was extremely interested in the FoxyDori (which is now called theFoxyFix) and realized how much more versatile it was. I tried to convince myself to delay ordering a FoxyFix. I told myself it was better to wait and see if I even liked the fauxdori system before ordering a second. But I was strongly won over by the FoxyFix for two reasons: first, the FoxyFix was a product created and made in the U.S.A and secondly, this particular notebook was genuine leather.

I found FoxyDori on Etsy and looked at the listings. FoxyDori’s are quite versatile and can be made to order with a vast array of options. The FoxyFix comes in three different types of leather, multiple sizes, 21 different colors, and a large selection of stamp and charm options as add-ons. The internal bands can be created with anywhere from one to four bands and up to two elastic closures.

Once I had decided on the options I wanted in my FoxyFix I went ahead and placed my order. I chose an extra wide in a reddish-brown color called Cherry Chocolate with four internal bands and a single strap closure in brown elastic and a paw print stamp. So the waiting began for my FoxyFix to be made and shipped.

In the meantime, I visited Yellowpaperhouse, the Etsy shop that creates various size and colors of fauxdori inserts and placed an order for six different inserts. Since I had decided I wanted to use it as a planner, I chose a month on two pages, a week on one page, a bullet journal notebook, a dot grid insert, a plain insert and a lined insert – to go inside my fauxdori.

I decided on a dessert theme, for my FoxyDori, which was partially influenced by the name of the color I chose “Cherry Chocolate”.

So I went shopping at a local crafts store and found a pad of scrapbook papers called “Olivia’s Sweet Shop” by The Paper Studio, that had a cupcake theme. Look at how cute the paper options are in this pack.

I purchased the paper and used it to cover my inserts. Once my fauxdori arrived I assembled it with the dessert theme inserts. I have stuck to dessert themed decorating inside my FoxyDori.

That is a brief look at my Cherry Chocolate FoxyDori and I how came up with the theme. Do you have a particular theme you enjoy in your planner? Let me know in the comments below.

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