Orange Zinnydori
Orange Zinnydori

Brand: ZinnyDori – Zinnia Chew
Material: P.U. leather/vinyl
Color: Neon Orange
Size: Regular/Narrow
Details: 8.25″ high x 4.88″ wide
Theme: Fox

Pros: The vinyl is heavy duty and able to stand up to daily wear and tear. It’s also easy to clean if it gets dirty. It fits the standard Midori inserts.

Cons: This isn’t much bigger than the original Midori, in size, which restricts how many inserts and accessories you can add to the fauxdori. It is not customizable, it comes with just two inner strands to hold your inserts and accessories. Unless you live in Malaysia or near-by the wait for it to be shipped takes a while.

This is all about the theme in my orange fauxdori and a review. For those of you who have seen the YouTube video, Foxie Orange Fauxdori, which I did on my orange fauxdori, not much has changed. The YouTube video was a quick walk through of my orange fauxdori, how it was set up and decorated.

{Left to right: Decorated fauxdori inserts, fauxdori inserts displayed, plastic zip pouch and kraft folder}

I found my neon orange fauxdori while shopping on a site called Simple Heart. The shop had a variety of bright, neon colored fauxdori’s but being that orange is my favorite color I went with that one. Besides the fauxdori, which is simply the cover, I also purchased some accessories – three inserts, a package of Midori bands, a plastic zip pocket and a kraft folder. I made my purchase after I had determined I was going to use the fauxdori as a planner and thus two of my three inserts were planner oriented, a month on two pages and a week on one page.

It took my fauxdori almost a month to be shipped from Malaysia to my location in the U. S. While I was waiting for my fauxdori I found another blogger, Nathalie who had decorated her ringed planner with a fox theme. So that’s how I got the inspiration for my fox theme. Once I had decided on the theme I began shopping for scrapbook paper, stickers and embellishments so I could decorate the inserts and accessories in my neon orange fauxdori.

Once my neon orange fauxdori arrived in the mail, I immediately went about setting it up and decorating it in my fox theme.

That is a look at how I came up with the theme in my orange fauxdori and a quick review. I hope you enjoyed this review and that you found it helpful. If you have any further questions or comments leave them for me below.

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