Welcome to Fauxdori Friday, my new featured post where I address all things fauxdori related.

I love planners and planning and I love setting up themes in my planners. It was no different when, earlier in the year, I switched from DayTimer ringed planners to fauxdori’s. In fact, it seems, once I switched to the traveler’s notebook system as my planner I became even more passionate obsessed with themes.

A few weeks ago I posted a YouTube video called Fauxdori/Traveler’s notebook walk through of my current fauxdori’s, the purpose of each one and the themes. Since that video, I have added two new fauxdori’s and I will be posting an updated YouTube video shortly.

In the meantime, I have had a few people ask me about setting up my themes so I decided I would share an indepth look about each of my themed fauxdori’s and how I’m using them. For the next five weeks, I will be doing an individual post on each one of my themed fauxdori’s.

You can find each post on my blog when I post it or you can follow the links on this page, which I will be updating weekly. Without further ado let’s get started with the weekly breakdown:

Week 1: Neon Orange Zinnydori
Week 2: Cherry Chocolate FoxyDori (FoxyFix)
Week 3: Brown Buteo Bunker
Week 4: Chic Sparrow Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee
Week 5: Chic Sparrow All American Spice

I really hope you stick around and follow me as I write about each one of these fauxdori’s in more detail. If you have an questions or comments feel free to leave them for me below or feel free to contact me at canyontrailz{at}earthlink{dot}net.

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