I am the biggest procrastinator (read: time waster) on the planet ever. I am a novice blogger. So what! My one, lonely blog has been on WordPress since approximately December 2012 (count: ten months) and I have seven small, mediocre posts. That’s nearly one blog a month! (insert dripping sarcasm here.)
The past couple of days I’ve been reading blog posts (okay, truth – I soak them up like a sponge!) on how to blog post. See – I told you I was a novice. (Is there a word for pre-novice?)

Mission Statement, Goals & Audience

Anyway, everything I read keeps telling me to write out a mission statement, outline some goals and determine my blog audience.
Obviously, I have not done these things yet – if I had I’m sure I would have produced more than seven measly blog posts. Oh – did I also mention I have nearly no comments – zip, zero, zilch (other than about 400 spam posts.) I guess that is to be expected since my posts are completely lacking in SEO and are suffering from mediocre content – (ya, there, I said it. Beat all you Negatives to the punch!)
After work I was reading more blog posts advising me to write out my blog mission statement and I kept thinking to myself that I needed to do it. I also thought about listing a couple of future blog post ideas and locating a notebook for recording blog notes so I could later turn it into a book. (Haha! Kidding!)
But every time the thought struck I immediately opened up a new browser window and checked Facebook and my three email accounts (thankfully I’m not addicted to Pinterest, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn as well or I’d never get anything accomplished.) I know, can you believe I have almost as many email accounts as I do current blog posts? Perhaps, if I wasn’t constantly checking my email accounts I would get more blog posts written!


Another major procrastination for me is so called “research” – air quotes and all! I am always thinking “I can’t write that blog because I don’t have all the necessary information.”
But the necessary information never stops! I have been reading about blogging through books and other blogs since I learned about WordPress and I find MORE new, exciting books and blogs about blogging everyday. In fact, one blogger I follow suggests not starting a blog until you have 10 to 20 blog posts written. It’s a great idea in theory but at that rate I’ll never start a blog!


In an effort to keep my blogging information organized I have tried nearly every organization tip or to-do list program, including compiling EVERY size, type and style of notebook, binder and planner to no avail. I can’t find anything that works.
At last, the thought struck for the final time – on formulating my mission statement and blog goals. As a procrastinating blooger, I even had a mental tug-of-war to determine which spiral bound notebook to write in! It came down to my (at the moment) “official” blog post spiral notebook or the “special” Salt Lake Community College logo notebook which I made a special trip to the community college for Tuesday afternoon. Did I mention I’ve very quirky (insert your own adjective here _______?)

Follow Through

Have I started working on my blog mission statement and goals yet? Not UH!
Will I? My intentions are good. Plus in my favor I have the next three days off from work so I plan to punch them out before returning to work in three days.
So at least for the next three days I’m going on a Facebook and email diet.

In the meantime, I’d love it if you would leave me a comment below sharing what you procrastinators are as a blogger and any ways you overcome them.

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