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Dirty laundry.
No time to breathe.

Life’s ridiculous pace keeps you more on your toes than you ever thought you could handle.

And you’re tired.

If you only had a better way, you’d unleash that inner light that all the craziness dims. No more laundry piled around you. No more last minute dinners thrown together from a box. No more wishing you had a fifth set of hands.

Get it here. A better way of living. A better way of life.

Here at Canyon Heart, life is about Instinctual Living. Live by your own inherent drive to: get more done, know where everything is when you need it, put fresh food on the table, all without losing yourself or your mind 😉

So who the heck am I to teach you about Instinctual Living?

I’m Canyon, a Mormon, a recently divorced momma to three handsome sons; two of whom, Alpha Male Jr. and Middle Male, were born in the same year! (And they are not twins, step or half siblings!)

I hold an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice, am a part-time entrepreneur (Canyonlandz Designs, my web and graphic design company), an avid reader, a technology and stationery junkie, and a novice photographer.

And like you, my family means everything to me. So I want to give them the best life possible. That’s why I went on a quest to find that right path for us.

That’s how Canyon Heart was born. Between trying to balance the kids, our Alaskan Malamutes (see Wolf Glacier for more on them), and our love for road trips, something had to change so I could give them the TLC they deserve – without losing myself.

It’s frustrating running a home while managing a family and a business, but it doesn’t have to be. Hang around and check out all the tips and tricks I have up my sleeve to share with you!

Welcome to the Canyon Heart Community!