Fireworks in the night sky

Are you a firework? Does the idea or prospect of a new project or assignment light you up?

Now ask yourself…how often do you complete your new projects or assignments?

As individuals we tend to be fireworks. We get involved in a project, assignment or season of life and initially we glow big, bright and beautiful. But then after days usher away we lose that initial excitement that got us to where we were in the beginning. Now we are no longer that beautifully celebrated burst of color and light but the blackened, burned empty shell of our former selves.

I am a firework! I am horrible with procrastination follow through. When I am given a new project or assignment, I’m rip, raring and ready to go. But then the initial excitement wears off and (unfortunately) so does my interest. I’m just like that firework that bursts in the sky, light and beautiful at the start and then quickly fizzles out!

My challenge to you today is to identify if you are a firework! If you are a firework I challenge you to determine a couple of ways in which you can break the cycle of being a firework and be a blazing fire.

6 comments on “Are You A Firework?”

  1. Oh boy am I a firework, and not the big pretty ones that explode and take a while do dim and slowly leave tracers as they fall. I explode in one big boom and then disappear. I totally know this about myself and have worked very hard at my business and in my personal life to overcome this obstacle to success. What I have found is that if I focus on individual elements and achievements within the big picture than I can explode through each one, but always have the next step to get excited about. That way the overall task or goal becomes exciting all over again with each step I complete. It sometimes takes work, in my own head, to divide the goal up, but the strategy has worked most of the time. It is certainly not 100% and there are definitely some tasks that just can’t be broken down, but for the big ones…well I become a fireworks show, instead of just the loan big boom. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Mackie for sharing your steps. I think I might have to implement the small steps so that I can also avoid being that firework.

    • Thanks for sharing Christopher. I would love to learn how to keep going. It would improve my productivity a lot.

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