Achievements Define Us

What are some of the greatest accomplishments or achievements in your life? What have you done to challenge yourself? What are you most proud of? I’m referring to the type of achievements that require you to break out of your comfort zone.

Have you bungee jumped to overcome your fear of heights? Maybe gone backpacking through Europe on your own? Basically, anything that made you face down your fears.

Achievements help define us and give us a greater sense of who we are. They help boost our confidence and give us the stamina to push on to the next achievement. They are the times in life where we can reflect on how it might have initially scared us but we went through with it anyway.

Achievements make us better people!

Some of my greatest achievements have been when I was willing to step outside my comfort zone and really challenged myself.

Today I’m going to share with you three of my greatest achievements. (Well, three achievements in addition to bringing my sons into this world.)

1. Completing My Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice: It took me 12 years to finish my Associates of Science Degree. (And before you start snickering, let me explain.) I started college fresh out of high school and quickly realized I couldn’t handle a full-time job and full-time classes. So rather disappointed I dropped my college classes down to one or two classes at a time. Then I got married and shortly after had two children so I delayed college for a time.
Eventually, I started college again, still only taking one or two courses each semester. But I persevered and finally I earned my Associate of Science degree. I was so proud of myself – I was the first one in my immediate family to earn a degree. Neither of my parents had finished college nor had my siblings.
I would have gone on to get a Bachelor’s degree but as I started looking at possible majors to consider I wanted one in English and Biology and Business and Psychology and…you get the idea. Eventually, I concluded if I continued my college education I was going to become a “professional” student.

Left: In my police academy uniform
Top: Me and my boys at my swearing in
Bottom: My Dad pinning my badge on me

2. Going Through the Police Academy: The Police Academy was physically and academically challenging. For ten straight months I attended classes and training Monday through Friday evenings and Saturdays. Physically, we ran, did calisthenics and defense tactics daily in preparation for our physical fitness test. Academically we studied criminal law, patrol procedures and report writing.
We went to the gun range to shoot and had practical exercises where we applied our skills in role playing situations. Finally, near the end of the year we graduated and within a matter of months I applied and was hired as a Public Safety officer.

Left: In the ring
Top: Anck goes BOW
Bottom: Anck baiting

3. Showing My Alaskan Malamutes: Being in the show ring with a gorgeous Alaskan malamute on the end of my lead is one of the most exhilarating experiences. After owning Alaskan Malamutes for a few years and losing them to various circumstances I decided to try showing. Showing dogs is where you enter a show ring against other Alaskan Malamutes and their handlers and a judge appoints a winner.
I went to a local, reputable breeder and brought home my first female Alaskan Malamute, Anck. I learned some basic show tips and tricks from my breeder and a few other show friends. And then myself and a couple of occasions when I hired a handler friend, we completed Anck’s A.K.C. Championship in a little over 2 years.

Besides the above achievements I am thrilled to have come this far in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Initially, I doubted I would have enough quality content to blog every day for a solid month. And although a few of my blog posts have been weak, I’m thrilled to be so close to completing this blog challenge.

My challenge for you is to pick something you want to achieve and go after it.

Go on, give yourself a kick out of your comfort zone. I dare you!


5 comments on “Achievements Define Us”

  1. Wow! Many congrats. I truly admire your spirit and achievements.. Truly amazing. Best wishes for continued success.. Nischala

    • Thanks Nischala! I really hope this post inspires more people to take a look at their achievements and also to go after even more 🙂

  2. Earning your associate’s degree in criminal justice is fantastic, especially after 12-years! It makes it all the more special!

    Thank you for the kick in the pants, as I want to kickstart myself to another level of achievement. Your post has been very encouraging and inspiring… and congratulations on sticking to the blogging challenge, as well!

    • Thanks Susan, you are right – it was special…I was very glad to have pushed through.
      I hope to motivate other people to created great achievements with this blog 🙂

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