Month: July 2019

How I Downsized planner stack

How I Downsized: From DayTimer Folio to a B6 TN!

Growing Up During the Franklin Covey (Franklin Quest) Boom I started with my first planner when I was in my teens. I grew up right around the time that Franklin Covey, back then Franklin Quest, was booming! There were a myriad of stores in my hometown, which also happens to be the home base of […] Read more…

Planner Acronyms typewriter square graphic

Planner Acronyms

Planner Acronyms Here is a brief list of some of the most common planner acronyms: RAK/RAOK= Random Act of Kindness DO1P/DO2P= Day On 1 Page/2 Pages WO1P/WO2P= Week On 1 Page/2 Pages MO1P/MO2P= Month On 1 Page/2 Pages Read more…