Chaos? Overwhelm?

Are you tired of missing appointments?

Are you fed up with misplacing your to-do list because it’s scribbled on a random sticky note?

Are you frustrated with rushing out the door and in your haste forgetting your grocery list?

Does the family vehicle need an oil change and the furnace need a new filter?

Are you trying to keep all of this straight in your mind?

You know you need a better system but you aren’t sure where to start:

Welcome to Canyon Heart…where I, the planner priestess, can help you with all of your planner needs. I’ve been there! I’ve experienced the chaos and overwhelm!

I’m a planner strategist – the┬áPlanner Priestess. I’m here to help you organize and simplify your life.

I offer planner coaching and individualized planner designing and decorating.

Email me at canyontrailz{at}earthlink{dot}net to see if we can work together!

I can help you reawaken your instincts so you can live your most vibrant life!